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Tips on Selling
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Tips on Selling

Tips on Selling

Seller Profile

Specify your business practices and customer-facing information related to selling on Buyers want to buy from a business they know and trust. Thus, your profile should be transparent on your terms and conditions.

Make Sure Your Listings Meet Requirements

Listing products in the right categories and with the correct information is crucial in winning customers and strong sales.

Handling Returns and Refunds

No buyers or sellers want to go through a process of giving refunds or returning a purchase, but it is part of a good business practice that should not be ignored. Prompt refunds and responses will result in positive feedbacks and will help build your business in a long run.

Multiple Seller Accounts        

Only a single account will be allowed on Creating and using multiple accounts is strictly prohibited.

Divert Customers

Do not include other web addresses, images or supporting information on any listings. Hyperlink to your site or any other site other than site is strictly prohibited. Diverting to other site is strictly prohibited.