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Escrow Service
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Escrow Service

Escrow Service offers free Escrow Service on every transaction.

Here’s how the’s Escrow Service and  payment process work.

  1. Buyer puchases a product on and makes a payment during the check out process.
  2. collects the payment on behalf of all sellers and will hold it for 14 days.
  3. After 14 days, the funds will be automatically distributed to Seller’s Paypal account minus seller’s fee and the Paypal transaction fee, unless:

    a. Buyer does not receive the merchandise within 10 days and files a complaint in 3 days to interrupts the automatic funds distribution and will hold it for 4 more days and will refund the payment to the Buyer if the merchandise does not arrive within 14 days. For overseas sellers, the delivery can take up to 30 days. Paypal does have buyers protection and complaint can be filed through Paypal site on all fraudulent transactions.

    b. Buyer receives the merchandise in 10 days, but it is grossly misrepresented and the buyer files a complaint in 3 days of receipt to interrupts the automatic funds distribution and will hold it until the case gets resolved between the buyer and the seller.