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How to sign up on
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1. Click on “Become a seller” on top of the home page to register as a seller.

2. Your account will be approved within 24 hrs. Once your account gets approved, click on “Seller Login” on the
    home page to login to your store admin.

3. Once you login to your to your store admin, please note following tips:
1.   Click on Add new product
2.   Upload large image and thumbnail
a.   You upload large image (340x340, but does not have to be exact) first and Thumbnail can be created from large image with the create thumbnail button.

b.   After you save the input data, you can click on “Detailed image” on top of the page of the Product management page and upload 4 other pics size 340x340. These images will be automatically turned into rollover pics.

3.   Choose Category and additional categories.
4.   You can ignore Manufacturer

5.   Choose “Available for sale” from the drop down menu on the availability option.        

6.   You can ignore SKU.

7.   You can ignore “Clean URL” (it automatically generates clean URL)

7.5 You can ignore EDS Distribution.

8.   Short description will appear on the search listing and the long description will appear on the product detail page.
9.  For the Title tag, META keywords and META description, please choose unique words and description of the products your seller for your page. This will help your page get indexed on the search engines correctly and be found by the buyers online.
10. Low Limit in stock is indicating on the listing that the stock is low when it hits that number.
10.5 Minimum order quantity - set a minimum number purchase for wholesale.
11. Shipping - You have three choices: 1. Enter your approximate package weight for shipping calculation based on weight or 2. choose Free shipping. or 3. Choose flat shipping charge and enter dollar amount on "Shipping freight ($)" field. We recommend not using shipping based on dimensions. For international shipping, you can choose flat shipping or free shipping.
11.5. Shipping Mark up - You can also mark up the shipping charge under "Shipping markups" link under "Settings" category.(This is one time set up for all listings)
12.  You can choose ALL membership or wholesale only, but we recommend All Membership option to make your item more visible for all members.
13.   Choose product location, condition and save. After you save, you can go to "Detailed images" link at the top and upload additional pics for your listings. These will appear as rollover image icons at the bottom of the main image.
Link exchange: is now open to link exchange. You are only allowed to place your website link only after you placed link and a brief description on your site. Brief description -" is a Wholesale and Discount Retail shopping site that features various wholesale products. It is free to join and list your products and you only pay small seller's fee and Paypal fee when the item sells."